No. 1 Best City for Remote Workers
Due to COVID-19, many workers are stuck in their home offices. KC is the place to be according to FinanceBuzz. Cost of living, WiFi speed, delivery options, parks per capita, proximity to the airport, affordable homes on the market and more secured the ranking.

FinanceBuzz, August 2020

Jill McCarthy

Senior Vice President | Corporate Attraction
With more than 25 years of experience, Jill leads the business development team.

Contact Centers

Kansas City affords some of the key attributes that attract contact centers to the KC region--basic, fundamental factors that reflect a way of life and are not susceptible to change.
  • The central time zone makes it easier to staff call centers to meet the needs of both East and West Coast callers.
  • The vaunted Midwestern work ethic lets companies expect and get higher productivity.
  • A well-educated population provides an easily trainable labor pool.
  • Low-cost commercial and residential real estate attracts call center facilities as well as workers.
  • The accent-free Midwest speech is a plus for companies that want their customer service representatives to be understood.
  • The Association of Customer Contact Professionals is an active business-to-business networking group.
  • The area community colleges offer excellent flexible training programs.

The existing presence of contact centers in the KC region is yet another asset leading to our recruitment successes.​

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jill_color_0730_webJILL MCCARTHY
Senior Vice President, Corporate Attraction | KCADC

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