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ArtsKC – Regional Arts Council was formed in 1999 with the mission of unleashing the power of the arts. ArtsKC promotes, supports, and advocates for the arts in the Kansas City region through cultural planning, partnerships, programs, and year-round support of artists and arts organizations of all sizes.

The ArtsKC Fund provides competitive grants to individual artists, organizations, and arts programs throughout the five-county region. Funds raised during the campaign are re-invested in our arts community to provide more access to the arts, build a more vibrant community, and sustain artistic excellence and experimentation. In 2015, ArtsKC granted 107 artists and arts organizations nearly $519,000 in financial support.

Throughout the year, ArtsKC also conducts various workshops and roundtables on diversity, placemaking, arts marketing, and other subjects of interest in the arts community. It continually advocates for arts education, arts funding, and for issues and legislation that positively impacts cultural tourism.

ArtsKC brings together people, resources, and ideas to build a community of great dreams and vigorous life, where everyone participates in and benefits from the arts.


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Dana Knapp


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106 Southwest Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 221-1777

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