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At Holmes Murphy, we pride ourselves on selling “thinking” not insurance. In a nutshell, we sell the cumulative knowledge and experience that makes insurance and businesses work better. It’s a philosophy that’s worked for us since our inception more than 80 years ago. As an independent brokerage, we serve business and industry leaders across the nation in the areas of property casualty insurance, employee benefits, captive insurance, risk management, and loss control. 

But, enough about the technical stuff…we want to let you know what makes us tick! It’s simple – at Holmes Murphy we’re free and encouraged to focus on client needs, solving problems, and accelerating our collective success. It’s 100 percent true, and we celebrate it! We’re also: 

  • Fiercely independent and employee-owned.
  • Crazy about what we do. “Work hard, play hard, and love who you do it with” is a motto we live by.
  • Quick and nimble because we’re empowered to make the best decisions for our clients.
  • Passionate in challenging our employees to think differently about our future.
  • Obsessed with creating the customer experience. When recognized by our clients for providing exceptional service, we display footprints on our walls, tying directly in with our “Leave Good Footprints” aspiration.
  • Big on celebration. We celebrate successes — those of our clients and our employees.

The main factor, though, is our clients. Yep, our clients make us tick! Our mission is to grow and protect everything they’ve worked so hard for. We’re dedicated to creating business relationships of the highest standard and passionate about laying the foundation for a lasting partnership. 

After all, our mission statement is what leads us — “We make a difference by promoting health, protecting wealth, and delivering peace of mind."


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Jeff Spencer



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1828 Walnut Street
Suite 701
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 857-7802

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