Musselman & Hall Contractors LLC

Musselman & Hall Contractors LLC is known as the premier commercial contractor in Kansas City and St. Louis. We have grown over the last 100 years into four diverse construction divisions: 

Architectural Concrete – From polished concrete floors to concrete toppings and custom exposed aggregate concrete hardscapes, and we can design each surface just for you.

Railroad Construction and Maintenance – We specialize in railroad maintenance, track inspections, grade crossings, and new railroad construction. 

Structural Concrete and Flatwork – We excel in floor slabs, pit floors, suspended slabs, columns, containment areas, and much more.

Asphalt Pavement and Maintenance – We offer pavement evaluation, milling, sealcoat, crack seal, asphalt pavement repair and patching, asphalt overlays, underdrains, full depth removal and replacement, as well as new construction.

No job is too large or too small for M&H. Our experts will help you plan and execute your project to ensure maximum performance and minimum interruption. 

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Dexter Phillips


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4922 E Blue Banks Ave
Kansas City, MO 64130
(816) 861-1234

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