The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) was founded in 1891 in St. Louis and Kansas City's Local 124 IBEW was established in 1905. Since then, the skilled workers of Local 124 and the contractors of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) have wired every major building in Kansas City. Together, the IBEW and NECA form the Power Partners labor-management alliance.

The Kansas City Chapter of NECA was founded for the purpose of educating electrical contractors, improving the standards of service provided by electrical contractors to their customers, assist electrical contractors in dealings with others in the industry, and promote the general welfare of its member contractors.

The fundamental purposes of the IBEW are essentially the same: educate and provide the finest electrical workers in the industry, provide unsurpassed value for our customers and seek a standard of living that will not place the employee's welfare on the backs of the taxpayer.

Labor-management relations, education and customer service are what the Power Partners are all about. While primarily engaged in promoting positive labor relations, they also serve to jointly create the best and most productive electrical contractors and electrical/communication workers anywhere - all for the benefit of the consuming public.  

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Kenneth Borden


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