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Whether you need legal counsel to structure your business or organization, ensure it is compliant with industry or government regulations, or protect it in litigation situations, Polsinelli attorneys have a broad range of experience and depth to meet your legal objectives.

The firm has 900 attorneys in 21 cities stretching from Washington, D.C., to California, including offices in New York, Miami, Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City. With more than 170 legal services and industries, Polsinelli has six central departments – Business, Financial Services/Real Estate, Health Care, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, and Litigation. Polsinelli’s experienced attorneys navigate clients’ challenges that require legal perspective and counsel at every stage of their organization’s life cycle.

Our legal services have been integral to the successful foundation and growth of businesses ranging from entrepreneurial startups to multinational conglomerates. We have provided counsel in prosperous times and times of crisis to financial institutions, whether they are community banks or national investment banks. We have been a catalyst to commercial real estate development in all 50 states and help with construction development and litigation. We support health systems, hospitals, physician practices, and life sciences organizations in science and health care. We are just as passionate about helping our nonprofit clients achieve their mission.

Polsinelli attorneys strive to align our services to our clients’ business goals. Doing so has allowed us to attract experienced attorneys across the country, seeking a platform best suited to their clients’ priorities. With our firm’s concentration of presence in lower-overhead markets, we can offer more comprehensive services than local or regional firms and more competitive overall cost than national firms concentrated in higher-cost markets.



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